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Patient and Caregiver Resource Center

Since 1983, NORD has been the primary source of support and information for patients and families affected by rare diseases. This Resource Center provides patients and caregivers with free webinars, fact sheets, infographics and other helpful materials to guide you on your journey with a rare disease.

Educational Videos

NORD develops videos that cover a variety of topics that affect the rare disease community. These videos are educational, free and available to everyone. Below is a list of our most recent videos. For a full list of videos, please visit our Youtube channel playlist here.


Latest Release

Genome Editing: Q & A For Patients & Caregivers

RareEDU® Webinar Series

RareEDU webinars are live, interactive presentations that cover topics important to patients and caregivers. Like the videos, these webinars are free and intended for everyone to access. Below is a list of our most recent webinars. For a full list of recordings, please visit our Youtube channel playlist here.

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Information on Rare Diseases

The Rare Disease Database® provides reports on rare diseases. Reports are written in patient-friendly language and each report links to disease-specific patient organizations and other resources that provide further support for patients and their families.

NORD's Rare Disease Database

Click here to visit our Rare Disease Database.

Downloadable Resources

NORD has assembled resources to help patients, families and caregivers affected by rare diseases. To the right, you will find downloadable resources you may find helpful.