Rare Disease Day
Light Up for Rare®

Join the effort to light up a landmark
on 2/28/2022

Step 1: Light Up

So when you have confirmation that your request is approved, make sure to let NORD know so we can track it in our coverage of the Global Chain of Lights!

Step 2: Sign Up

Complete the applications as required by the places you are pledging to light up. Let us know what landmarks you are pledging to light up for Rare Disease Day. It could be your state capitol building, historic house, local school or university, stadium, bridge, place of business, point of interest, monument—the sky is the limit.

Step 3: Share

Don’t forget once the buildings and landmarks are lit up in Rare Disease Day colors to share a picture on social media. Be sure to tag NORD and use #RareDiseaseDay and #ShowYourStripes so the entire community can see what we have done to shine a light on rare disease!

If you have any questions, please reach out to
[email protected].

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