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Also known as: Hydrophobia, Lyssa

Radiation Sickness

Also known as: Radiation Disease, Radiation Effects, Radiation Illness, Radiation Injuries, Radiation Reaction, Radiation Syndrome
Subdivisions: acute radiation sickness, delayed radiation sickness

Rasmussen Encephalitis

Also known as: chronic encephalitis and epilepsy, chronic localized (focal) encephalitis, epilepsy, hemiplegia and intellectual disabilities, Rasmussen syndrome (RE)

Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis

Also known as: juvenile-onset laryngeal papillomatosis, laryngeal papillomatosis
Subdivisions: adult onset recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (AORRP), juvenile onset recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (JORRP)

Refractory Celiac Disease

Also known as: intractable celiac sprue, refractory celiac disease
Subdivisions: type II refractory sprue, type I refractory sprue

Refsum Disease

Also known as: disorder of cornification 11 (phytanic acid type), DOC 11 (phytanic acid type), heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis, hereditary sensory and motor neuropathy type 4 (HMSN 4) , hypertrophic neuropathy of Refsum, phytanic acid storage disease , phytanic acid oxidase deficiency , adult Refsum disease , classic Refsum disease

Relapsing Polychondritis

Also known as: chronic atrophic polychondritis, generalized or systemic chondromalocia, Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger syndrome, relapsing perichondritis, von Meyenburg disease

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Also known as: Grawitz Tumor, Hypernephroma, Nephrocarcinoma, RCC, Renal Adenocarcinoma

Renal Glycosuria

Also known as: benign glycosuria, familial renal glycosuria, nondiabetic glycosuria, primary renal glycosuria, renal glucosuria
Subdivisions: renal glycosuria, type A, renal glycosuria, type B, renal glycosuria, type O

Renal Medullary Carcinoma

Also known as: RMC, medullary carcinoma of the kidney, kidney medullary carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, unclassified, with medullary phenotype, RCCU-MP


Also known as: Congenital Retinal Cyst, Congenital Vascular Veils in the Retina, Giant Cyst of the Retina, Vitreoretinal Dystrophy
Subdivisions: Blessig Cysts, Congenital Retinoschisis, Familial Foveal Retinoschisis, Iwanoff Cysts, Peripheral Cystoid Degeneration of the Retina, Retinoschisis, Juvenile, Retinoschisis, Senile, Retinoschisis, Typical

Rett Syndrome

Also known as: classic Rett syndrome, RTT, variant (atypical) Rett syndrome

Reye Syndrome

Also known as: fatty liver with encephalopathy, Reye's syndrome, RS

Rheumatic Fever

Also known as: Acute Rheumatic Fever, Inflammatory Rheumatism, Rheumatic Arthritis

Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency

Also known as: Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome, Fazio-Londe syndrome, riboflavin transporter deficiency neuronopathy
Subdivisions: riboflavin transporter deficiency type 1, riboflavin transporter deficiency type 2, riboflavin transporter deficiency type 3, SLC52A2-related disorders, SLC52A3-related disorders

Roberts Syndrome

Also known as: hypomelia-hypotrichosis-facial hemangioma syndrome, pseudothalidomide syndrome, SC syndrome
Subdivisions: phocomelia

Robinow Syndrome

Also known as: acral dysostosis with facial and genital abnormalities, costovertebral segmentation defect with mesomelia (formerly), fetal face syndrome, Robinow-Silverman syndrome
Subdivisions: autosomal recessive Robinow syndrome, autosomal dominant Robinow syndrome

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Also known as: RMSF, Sao Paulo Typhus, Tickborne Typhus Fever
Subdivisions: Fulminant Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rosenberg Chutorian Syndrome

Also known as: Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy X type 5, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, X-linked recessive 5 (CMTX5), optic atrophy, polyneuropathy, and deafness, polyneuropathy-deafness-optic atrophy

Roussy Lévy Syndrome

Also known as: Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (Variant), Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Roussy-Levy Disease, Hereditary Areflexic Dystasia, Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy, Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy I, HMSN I


Also known as: German Measles, Three-Day Measles

Rubella, Congenital

Also known as: Congenital German Measles, Congenital Rubella Syndrome, Expanded Rubella Syndrome

Russell-Silver Syndrome

Also known as: RSS, Russell-Silver dwarfism, Russell syndrome, Silver-Russell dwarfism, Silver-Russell syndrome, Silver syndrome, SRS